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Editor: Mervin Straughan

Please feel free to submit your news releases to the newsdesk via email to 

(NO advertisement, flyers or marketing copy, please. These will be ignored).

cottage where Captain Cook stayed in Staithes,
Sea story: the cottage
 where Captain James Cook
 stayed while in Staithes.
1. We welcome your releases but we can't guarantee that they will be used.

2. In most cases, news releases will be re-written by journalists to elicit what we consider the true news value and to conform to our house written style.

3. We will only consider releases that have genuine news value to Therefore, we will reject anything that constitutes blatant advertising or has nothing to do with North Yorkshire or the city of York.

4. Ideally, send a photograph to accompany the story.

5. Topics of interest include tourism and lifestyle (beauty and spas, dining and food, gardens, motoring, property trends, visiting attractions) and any other matter that residents and visitors to North Yorkshire might find useful.

6. We will not acknowledge every release that is received