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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

See this exhibition in the Flesh

York Art Gallery is hosting Flesh, a major exhibition, featuring works by Degas, Chardin, Francis Bacon and Sarah Lucas, until March, next year.

The exhibition includes more than 60 works of art displayed over three galleries showing how flesh has been portrayed by artists over the last 600 years.

Human and animal, alive and dead, familiar and strange; the event explores how artists such as Peter Paul Rubens, Circle of Rembrandt, Auguste Rodin and William Etty respond to flesh, alongside modern and contemporary works by Bruce Nauman, Ron Mueck, Jenny Saville, and Jo Spence.

The works feature loans from across the country which complement works from York Art Gallery’s own collection.

Senior curator of art and science Laura Turner said: “Flesh is a word that immediately provokes a reaction – it is no surprise that artists have always drawn on this tactile, organic and changeable material for inspiration.

“This exhibition brings together some of the biggest names in art as well as exciting emerging artists who all interpret flesh in different ways.

"From still life paintings and anatomical studies to abstract sculpture and contemporary film, Flesh presents a series of visual encounters which surprise and challenge, raising questions about the body and ageing, race and gender, touch and texture and surface and skin.”

The exhibition comprises five rooms in the three galleries on the ground floor. These will be themed Figuring Flesh, Still Life, Materiality and Surface.

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