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Friday, 9 September 2016

Off-limits craft and trade areas open for special day at the minster

York Minster’s Stoneyard holds its annual open day today (Friday 9 September), as part of Heritage Open Days, the national scheme celebrating the country’s spectacular history, architecture and culture.

Special insight ... the visits take in parts of the minster
 that are normally off limits. Photo by Duncan Lomax
 on behalf of Chapter of York.
The day will feature guided tours of the area where the minster's stonemasons, joiners, plumbers and electrician will talk about the techniques they use to repair, restore and protect the cathedral’s historic fabric and demonstrate ancient craft skills

There will also be opportunities to explore hidden corners of the minster including the drawing office and the mason’s loft where the master mason would draw out the full size designs from which templates would be made to create stones for the cathedral.The loft still features drawings from the master mason in the 1400s when the space was last in use

Visits to the York Glaziers Trust studios will meet the people responsible for the conservation and restoration of the Minster’s famed stained-glass

And visitors can see behind-the-scenes at the learning centre where there will be a working replica of the minster’s tracing floor and to watch digital illustrations of the minster’s architectural evolution over 1000 years from the Norman cathedral to the medieval Gothic cathedral visitors see today.

John David, York Minster’s master mason, said: “Every year we are pleased to welcome members of the public to enjoy access to areas normally off-limit, learn about the challenges of maintaining one of the world’s greatest cathedrals and see demonstrations of some of the specialist craft and trade skills that keep the building in good repair.”

The open day takes place from 10am until 4pm.  For general information go to

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