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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Show heritage captured for posterity

Welcome to Yorkshire chief executive Sir Gary Verity officially launches a new book at the Kilnsey Show today (Tuesday 30 August) that brings together facts, figures and memories of the event.

Junior fell running ... part of the rich heritage
 of Kilnsey. Photo by Stephen Garnett
The book has been made possible after the Yorkshire Dales National Park funded the Upper Wharfedale Agricultural Society project, Studs & Crooks: The hidden history of Kilnsey Show.

The title refers to the studs on the shoes of the fell runners who tackle the crag each year and the crooks of the farmers who bring their livestock to the show.

The project includes an online learning resource about the history and cultural heritage of the show that will be made available as part of the archive materials held at the authority-owned Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes.

National park authority chairman Carl Lis said: “For centuries, agricultural shows have played a vital role in bringing farming communities together. They are a key feature of the national park’s events calendar – attracting visitors and much-needed revenue from far and wide.

“Kilnsey Show is one of the largest and oldest in the national park and this valuable project has collated stories, photos and memories of the event and the local community for future generations to enjoy before they are forgotten.”

The fully-illustrated book was the impetus of Jamie Roberts whose family has farmed at Kilnsey for four generations. It is written by Craven author Victoria Benn who has a personal connection to the show – her father Roger Ingham has been organising the sports since 1959.

Jamie, who runs Kilnsey Park Estate, said: “I grew up in the shadow of Kilnsey Crag and the show was as exciting as a second Christmas for us.

“Everyone has a memory or story about Kilnsey Show but very little has been written down. It was clear to me that we needed to capture the show’s rich history now or it would be lost forever.

“It’s important that the book celebrates this extraordinary event and those who make it happen, so that a new generation can be inspired to take up the reins and maintain the proud traditions of Kilnsey Show for another 100 years and beyond."

Studs & Crooks: The hidden history of Kilnsey Show is published by Tickled Trout Press and costs £12.50. It can be ordered by emailing

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