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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Rachael spends plenty pennies on Minster's loo-twinning initiative

Local MP Rachael Maskell has donated £60 for a toilet in York Minster to be twinned with a loo thousands of miles away in Africa as part of the congregation's fundraising initiative.

Rachael responded to the Lifestyle, Environment, Sustainability, Stewardship invitation to get involved with Toilet – the innovative fundraising campaign by the development charity Tear Fund.

According to campaign organisers, more than 2.4 billion people – more than a third of the people on the planet – don't have access to somewhere clean, hygienic and safe to go.

The cash will provide the materials and skills for a family to build a simple, clean and hygienic toilet. It also provides communities with information about vital hygiene measures such as cleaning and hand washing that can help combat the spread of disease.

Eight of the Minster's loos have been twinned in countries that include Burundi, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Uganda and Ethiopia.

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