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Friday, 5 August 2016

Net gains as broadband investment continues for county

North Yorkshire County Council has announced it will fund £20 million for phase three of its Superfast North Yorkshire programme.

Just over £12 million will come from the authority’s own funds, £7.3 million from the government’s Broadband Delivery UK  and £1 million from the European regional development funding.

Council chiefs say high quality broadband with a minimum speed of 25Mbps will have been brought to 91 per cent of premises across the county by next June in phases one and two of the project, which has cost £34.5 million.

Phase three will then take the coverage up to 95-96 per cent and a procurement process will get under way to find a technology partner for the scheme who will provide the best value for money for the taxpayer.

The council has a further sum of £682,000 put by to target communities where there are anomalies in coverage once it has been decided where the phase three work will take place.

It is expected that detailed planning work on phase three will start after Easter next year.

North Yorkshire’s executive member for broadband councillor Don Mackenzie, said: "‘We are nearing the end of phase two of our broadband expansion.

"By next June we expect to have up to 91 per cent of premises connected up to a minimum of 25Mbps. We then start phase three which will take that coverage up to about 95-96 per cent by 2019.

‘‘We hope to have a clearer picture of which communities will be included in phase three once we have completed the procurement of the successful tenderer for this £20.5 million contract.’’

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