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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Moor's the merrier for harbour boats

There are better mooring facilities for boats using a harbour made famous in a children’s TV series.

A £3,000 injection from Whitby Mayfield cum Mulgrave councillor David Chance's local funding budget has paid for a four-metre chain to be installed from the harbour wall, allowing more boats to moor.

The picturesque harbour is where Old Jack’s Boat is filmed, a popular children’s BBC series starring Bernard Cribbins as the captain of a multi-coloured boat called The Rainbow, and features his sea adventures with his dog, Salty.

Harbour master Norman Fowler said: ‘‘The first stage to install a mooring chain four metres from the harbour wall is complete and the new chain is in use. The second stage to fit new access ladders to the harbour wall is ongoing.

‘‘Before we had a waiting list of nine boats for harbour moorings and no visitor moorings. Now we will have a couple of visitor moorings and get another five or six boats in.

‘‘It makes life a lot easier for boats which before had to moor in the beck, and makes the harbour more manageable and sustainable.’’

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