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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Georgian festival talk opener will delight antique lovers

Antiques from the Georgian  period
will be looked at as part
of  Richmond's GeorgeFest,
Antique and history lovers will make a beeline for Richmond.

On Monday (15 August) at 7.30pm, valuer and auctioneer David Elstob of Thomas Watson’s auction house treads the boards at The Georgian Theatre Royal with a talk about Georgian inventions and antiques.

This is the first event in the town’s Georgian festival which runs until 2 September and the talk will be followed by an open ‘roadshow-style’ session where members of the audience are invited to present their own antiques for valuation and discussion.

The talk explores the legacy of Georgian inventions. It was a time of great innovation and technological advancement and many of the objects that we take for granted today such as Wellington boots, accurate clocks, flushing toilets and security locks.

On Friday 19 August, David hosts a valuation day at The Station from 10am until 3pm where the public can drop in to discover what their treasures might be worth.

David said: “I am really looking forward to being in Richmond during the first week of GeorgeFest and taking part in the celebrations,

“The town has a rich heritage spanning many periods but for many the Georgian era was its heyday both architecturally and culturally. There are still many objects around from that time with exquisite porcelain, elegant furniture and fine paintings to be found not only in the town’s beautifully presented museums but also in our homes.

“Both events encourage people to bring along their own possessions for us to have a look at. It would be fantastic if there were some examples from the Georgian period but all antiques and collectables from any period will be of great interest,” he added.

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