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Monday, 29 August 2016

Gardening lover Kevin's a cut above

If you want to know why Filey's Silver Birches elderly persons' home garden looks so beautiful, have a word with dedicated gardener Kevin Hines.

Bloomin' lovely ... award-winning Kevin Hines.
Although only paid for almost two hours aw week he often stays for no extra pay and turns out to help for fund-raising events at the residential home.

Now the 55-year-old's dedication has been recognised after winning the county council Making a Difference Behind the Scenes category of its health and adult services staff excellence awards.

Home manager Angie Tate said: “He’s just brilliant and keeps the gardens really tidy. He comes to work rain or shine and often works the full day but asks for no more money for this.

“It is difficult to persuade Kevin to take his annual leave because he loves his job so much. He’s never had a day’s sickness and always volunteers to help at fundraising events.’’

Kevin (55) said he couldn't understand why he had been chosen. “When I won the trophy I could not believe it and was absolutely elated,’’ he added.

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