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Friday, 17 June 2016

Tree sparrow conservation project in for a tweet, thanks to lottery grant

A project to support the recovery of tree sparrows across the Dales has secured a £9,500 heritage lottery grant.

The Yorkshire Dales national park initiative will record the presence of the bird across the area, identifying locations and helping safeguard and increase its population.

Recording will include monitoring existing nest boxes and providing a further 90 across the national park.

Training will involve showing people the right types of bird feeders and nest boxes, and how to identify good habitats for tree sparrows.

The national park authority will produce a booklet and organise a touring exhibition to help raise awareness and support among local communities.

Wildlife conservation officer Mark Hewitt said: “Discovering more about the delightful tree sparrow in the Yorkshire Dales will help us to provide better, more diverse habitats for a range of important, special birds. Local communities can play a real and genuine part in the conservation of a national priority species.”

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