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Monday, 6 June 2016

Restoration job puts loco back on track on heritage railway

A Class 47 diesel loco is back to its former glory, thanks to volunteers of the Wensleydale Railway.

She's ready for work ... Haymarket is renamed. Pictured left to right: general manager Nigel Park, Keith Madeley, past and current county council leaders councillors David Jeffels, and Carl Les, and railway volunteer Paul Warren..
The locomotive, renamed Haymarket has been painted in Network South East livery. Its name comes from its time working in Scotland before its transfer to the South East.

Councillor David Jeffels, immediate past chairman of North Yorkshire County Council and Yorkshire Society chairman Keith Madeley, performed the official renaming ceremony.

At the age of 16, Keith Madeley joined British Rail in Bradford and on gaining a promotion went to work in the South East and became Britain’s youngest station master at the age of 21. The locomotive is one the many he would have seen and managed when working on the South East Network.

The locomotive, built in 1966 is owned by Harry Needle Railway Company (HNRC) and is on loan to the Wensleydale Railway for use on its regular timetable.

Wensleydale Railway general manager Nigel Park said: “We began this project with great enthusiasm and after four months of very hard work, the results are impressive.

"We still have some minor jobs to do to complete the project, but will be ready to use Haymarket on our service from this summer onward.  The restoration work has been undertaken by Wensleydale Railway volunteers with the support of local people and businesses.”

The Wensleydale Railway is one of the longest heritage railway routes in the country and operates a daily service in the main season between Leeming Bar and Redmire with Wednesday and Saturdays for the Northallerton-Leeming Bar section. The railway is considering an extension of the line from Redmire to Aysgarth Falls, a return to the centre of Northallerton, and a general upgrade of the line, stations and trains.

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