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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Pollinator conservation workers are set to get buzzee, thanks to grant

Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Otley Wetland Nature Reserve are set for improved pollinator pathway habitat work, thanks to a £42,000 Biffa Award.

Assessing species along the pollinator pathway.
The pathway will link fragments of habitat together along a 10km corridor, supporting Harrogate district's biodiversity action plan.

Species-rich lowland meadow was once a common habitat across the area but changes in farming practice have led to a severe decline in habitat.  Mapping grassland sites or restored sites allows conservationists to identify gaps in the network. These links in the chain of grasslands will be strengthened to give invertebrates and other wildlife an opportunity to move around the countryside.

The two-year project will restore more than forty hectares of lowland meadow at carefully selected locations using seed and hay collected from local donor sites wherever possible.

Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty biodiversity project officer Kelly Harmar said, “Pollinators generally only travel short distances and the Biffa Award funding will allow us to create new pollinator habitat close to existing flower rich hay meadows.  It will also enable us to improve the quality of the surviving meadows and to build up a comprehensive seed bank for future grassland restoration”.

The Biffa Award initiative is a multi million pound environment fund managed by Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts which uses landfill tax credits donated by Biffa Waste Services.

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