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Monday, 6 June 2016

Bi-lingual bombardment book launch

Robin McDermott with
the new book. Photo
by Tony Bartholomew.
Historians from Germany and Britain have worked together on a bilingual book about the German bombardment of the East coast in 1914 which is launched today (Monday 6 June). Both authors will be on hand to sign copies.

Scarborough Bombardment, by Dr Jann M Witt, naval historian at the German Naval Memorial, and retired British military officer Robin McDermott tells the story of the attack by the German High Seas Fleet on Scarborough, Whitby and Hartlepool on 16 December 1914.

It was the first effective attack on British soil of World War One and killed 157 men, women and children, the youngest, in Scarborough, just 14 months old. The attack caused public outcry, and Remember Scarborough! became the slogan for an impassioned recruitment drive for much of 1915.

In 2014, Arts Council England helped fund a major exhibition about the event at Scarborough Art Gallery, also called Remember Scarborough! Part of the funding has gone towards the new book, Each book is printed in both German and English.

Co-author: Dr Jan M Witt.
Project officer Esther Graham said: “This beautiful book is a unique commemoration of the terrible events of 1914, and a symbol of the unity between our two nations a century later.”

Published by German company Palm Verlag and priced at £9.99, the book will be available from Scarborough Art Gallery and the German Naval Memorial in Laboe near Kiel.

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