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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Orchestra lines up gala-themed performance programme

Scarborough's Spa Orchestra has announced that its Thursday evening concerts will be themed gala presentations with guest singers set to perform alongside.

Gala programme ... Scarborough Spa Orchestra.
There will be the return of some favourite shows including an evening of current and modern West End musicals, featuring hit songs from Phantom of the Opera, numbers by the modern master Stephen Sondheim and a rousing finale with a selection from Les Miserables performed by soloists, orchestra and a full chorus.

Other favourites which always draw large audiences are a Gilbert and Sullivan Extravaganza with four of the UK’s top G and S singers, and an evening devoted to the evergreen melodies of Ivor Novello.

New for this year is a programme which looks at the origins of the modern musical featuring songs and choruses from the Golden Days when the tunes were – and still are – memorable and the plots were totally unrealistic.

On New Year’s Day, the Spa Orchestra’s Viennese programme draws almost a thousand people to the Grand Hall.  A version of this will be a highlight of the summer season.  As well as the famous Johann Strauss waltzes, there will be vocal items and a narrative telling the story of the Strauss dynasty in which family life followed a very rocky path indeed.

In the second half of the 20th century, Yorkshire's Kathleen Ferrier became a world famous contralto singer, though her life was cut short. Her story is told in a gala concert with a soloist, the Orchestra and pictures of Ferrier’s life on the big screen.  This programme was premiered a few years ago to great audience acclaim.

The big screen will also be in use for a movies night with songs and themes from classics of the cinema.

The season starts on Thursday 9 June and will herald a weekend of celebrations to mark the Queen’s 90th official birthday.

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