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Friday, 20 May 2016

Moors beauty that's often overlooked

Yorkshire based ceramicist Charlotte Morrison and textile artist Agnis Smallwood focus on the local landscape when they present  their exhibition Overlooked at the Inspired by... gallery at The Moors National Park Centre in Danby, from Thursday 30 June until Tuesday 19 July.

Functional and decorative ... work by Charlotte Morrison.
 Charlotte is a Dales-based ceramic designer and maker, who mainly works by hand-building her individual ceramics. She uses porcelain and stoneware clays to create functional and decorative items.

Her work reflects the past in some form; she is an avid collector of vintage items and has a fascination with researching times past. Her most recent ceramics echo the ancient roads, places and landscapes of the North York Moors, which were once used by drovers, packhorses and monks.

Overlooked ... work on show by Agnis Smallwood.
Agnis is a designer, maker and educator, specialising in hand-woven textiles. Her inspiration derives from looking closely in unlikely places, seeking out the beauty to be found in plants and grasses that flourish despite – and often because of – a lack of human intervention.

She has used the diversity and vitality from across the Yorkshire Moors as inspiration for this exhibition, extracting both colour and form found within the diversity of the region.

Agnis and Charlotte met at Cumbria Institute of the Arts while studying for their degree in contemporary applied arts.

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