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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Lighthouse restoration not too much of a tall order and ready to open

Whitby's West Pier lighthouse is back to its former glory, thanks to an £86,000 investment project.

Lanstone Conservation project manager Oliver Counsell  (left)
with Scarborough borough council cabinet members
councillors John Woodhead and Joe Plant.
Plans are under way to re-open the landmark shortly to the public for the first time in four years.

The work, which was backed by a £50,000 grant from the government's Coastal Revival Fund has involved repairs to stone work, glazing and its staircase and steelwork reinforcing. Harbour funds have made up the balance which is expected to be offset by reopening the structure.

Restoration and preservation contractor, Lanstone Conservation Ltd of York, which specialises in the restoration and repair of historical and listed buildings, carried out the proejct.

The lighthouse was built in 1831 from locally quarried stone and stands 22 metres tall. It served as a shipping navigational until 1914. In 1972, it became a Grade Two listed structure. The lighthouse was open to the public as a historic attraction up until its closure in 2012 due to the serious deterioration of its condition and a lack of funds at the time to rectify the problems.

Councillor Mike Cockerill, Scarborough Borough Council cabinet member for harbours and assets said:  While it hasn’t performed as a functional lighthouse for many decades, it has always been a key feature of Whitby’s harbour scene and much photographed landscape.

"The successful culmination of the restoration project, on time and within budget, means it will remain so for many generations to come."

Oliver Councell, Lanstone Conservation's project manager, said: “Restoring such a landmark building has been really exciting.

"We have renewed the perimeter railings to the light box and undertaken significant structural and refurbishment works.

"Whilst it was always challenging working within the confines of such an historic building, it is very satisfying to think that it will now be there for future generations and that visitors can again climb up and enjoy the view.”

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