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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Green light for majority of planning applications in Dales national park

Planners gave the thumbs up to 94 per cent of applications submitted in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, last year, according to latest figures.

And a survey showed 89 per cent of applicants and agents were satisfied with the service regardless of whether their application was approved or refused.

Whitehall rules say decisions on planning applications must be made within certain time limits and, in the past financial year, the national park authority decided on a total of 86 per cent of major applications, 91 per cent of minor applications and 93 per cent of other applications within the limit.

The figures also show that every application involving agricultural buildings was approved, along with 97 per cent of other business applications.

Robert Heseltine, the authority’s member champion for development management, said: “Planning issues are always a sensitive area – you very rarely please all of the people all of the time. The national park authority does come in for criticism from time to time over individual planning decisions but these figures show that we are an efficient service and that we have positive policies and make positive decisions

“In terms of appeals against our decisions, only 18 per cent were allowed and I believe this is the best rate of any local authority in North Yorkshire. It shows we are getting it right first time in most cases.

“Another pat on the back is the fact that the figure for customer satisfaction is the best it has ever been since the government introduced the surveys in 2003.

“All in all it’s a good news story but we mustn’t become complacent because there is always room for improvement.”

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