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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Antiques Road Trip presenter calls in

BBC's Antiques Road Trip expert and presenter Claire Rawle dropped in to see the team at Scarborough Museums Trust to view its collection of vintage tunny fishing equipment and memorabilia.

Antiques Road Trip presenter Claire Rawle (left) and Scarborough 
Museums Trust Collections manager Jennifer Dunne 
outside Scarborough Art Gallery.
In the popular show two experts tour the country in vintage cars buying antiques to take to auction, with profits going to Children in Need. Each expert also visits a place of interest, looking at antiques in museums and historic houses.

Driving a 1971 TVR Tuscan new presenter Claire, who also presents on Bargain Hunt and Flog It, visited the trust to see items relating to the period between the 1930s and the 1950s when millionaires and movie stars visited Scarborough to hunt the tunny – now better known as the tuna – fish. They included a rod and harness once owned by local hotelier Tom Laughton, brother of film star Charles.

Claire said: “I’d never heard of this before – it’s a fabulous story. We tend to associate tuna with warmer waters, but 80 years ago, people were catching these massive fish off Scarborough.”

The episode of Antiques Road Trip featuring Scarborough, presented by Claire and fellow expert Paul Laidlaw will air in September.

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