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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

You'd be egg-static winning this

An Easter feaster ... the giant egg on display
 in the deli window.
Given up chocolate for Lent? If the answer's yes, a Yorkshire deli might have the ideal way to break it come Easter Sunday!

Award-winning Hunters of Helmsley is raffling a giant, handmade milk chocolate egg to raise much needed funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Weighing almost 8.5kg, this is an egg even the Easter bunny would struggle to carry. For £1 a ticket, the creation, which would retail at £240, will go to one lucky winner from the Easter Saturday draw.

It's been hand-crafted by Leyburn's Little Chocolate Shop and took four days to complete. Due to its size, each half was moulded in Belgian chocolate three times to give it enough strength to retain its shape. It was then joined together with more chocolate, and left to set, before decorating.

Christine Garnett, who owns the deli with husband Chris, said: “There’s enough to keep even a chocoholic happy for weeks, and it’s really delicious, high quality Belgian milk chocolate, handmade in Leyburn. It certainly looks very eye catching in our window – children and adults alike are stopping with watering mouths as they go past.”

Last year, Hunters was crowned Britain’s Best Small Shop at the House of Commons.

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