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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Old railway carriage transformation is right on track for the community

From left to right: Rab Hastie with project leader Richard Moore and ward
members Cllr Mike Barningham and Cllr John Noone.

Work has begun on transforming an old railway carriage into a meeting place with a difference in Hambleton. The district council has handed over £3,750 from its Making a Difference fund to refurbish the carriage including toilet facilities.

The Leeming Bar Residents Association project will transform the old diesel multiple unit from Wensleydale Railway which is one and a half coaches long. It will provide villagers with a community meeting place, cinema and café for all age groups.

Ward councillor Carl Les said: "This is a very good example of how local residents with enthusiasm can team up with resources from the local council, in this case cash, to do something of benefit to the community, A number of local business are also supporting the project, but I am glad that the ward members were able to help with getting it off the ground.”

Rab Hastie, chair of the Leeming Bar Residents Association said: "Members of the association are working extremely hard on the carriage project and want to provide Leeming Bar with a unique and versatile meeting place for many years to come."

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