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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Got any images of historic Markenfield?

Photographs and postcards brought in by visitors and volunteers have prompted a call for early memories of the historic Markenfield Hall, near Ripon.

Each item has given the hall owners what they describe "a tantalising glimpse of a long time gone."

An old postcard of the Great Hall shows a giant rocking horse that used to take pride of place when the room was laid out like a picture gallery of family portraits dating back to 1566 and two photographs of family visits have revealed what life was like decades ago.

Owner Ian Curteis said: "We know that people have visited the hall for years – Wilfred Owen and Lewis Carroll being among the more familiar names – but it is the public visitors that are now casting light on the history of the hall.

"We always knew that people visited the hall when it was used as the farmhouse and as storage, as we have visitors recounting hair-raising trips up to the roof and wandering along the battlements, but we had no idea just how many.

"All the postcards and early photographs show what life was like here back then, and just how much or rather how little the hall has been changed."

Plans are under way for an exhibition and the public is urged to get in touch with copies of images: photographs, postcards and even illustrations of Markenfield as seen by its earliest visitors.

Anyone able to help can scan and email a copy or post a photocopy. Contact Sarah Robson on 01765 692303 or

Bookings are now being taken for the hall's first Mop-up Monday tour of the year on Monday 4 April. Further information: tel 01765 692302

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