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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Markenfield service remembers the family faithful

Markenfield Hall story for
A requiem is to be performed on Saturday morning for the last of the Markenfield Faithful.

The event will remember last members of the family to live at historic Markenfield Hall on the outskirts of Ripon before the house was confiscated by the Crown five centuries ago.

Sir Thomas Markenfield was a central figure in the Rising of the North and many believe he was the main Yorkshire instigator. A large contingent of the Rising gathered in the courtyard at Markenfield on 20 November 1569, under Thomas and his uncle, Sir Richard Norton of Norton Conyers.

The Rising was routed and the lucky ones, including Thomas, his sister Anne, managed to flee – Thomas and Anne waited for a while in Scotland with other rebels, but as the net closed around them there, they had to flee again across the North Sea to the Low Countries, where they survived in increasing poverty.

The mass will be celebrated by Father Ronald Creighton-Jobe of the Brompton Oratory in
London and sung by the monks from Ampleforth Abbey. 

Anyone wishing to attend can contact administrator Sarah Robson on 01765 692303.

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