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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Simon's new mate ensures it's no swan song at Markenfield

Back to form ... Simon who
 can be seen at Markefield Hall
with his new mate.
The usual trumpeted welcome of the two Black Swans has been missing of late for visitors to Markenfield Hall, the historic home tucked privately away just three miles south of Ripon.

Sadly, Scilla the small female, was found by the side of the moat after a fox attack while partner Simon was cowering under bramble bushes, severely traumatised at the loss.

After some love and care and nights spent in the warmth of the log shed, Simon has been nursed back to health and introduced to a new partner from Berwick on Tweed.

Although swans usually mate for life, the Markenfield team knew that it's sometimes possible to introduce a new partner.

Simon was dispatched to spend the winter with a swan expert at Thirsk. Staff report that all has gone well and that the pair will be brought back to the hall in time for the first fortnight of visitor open days.

Black Swans have a history at the historic home. When Lord and Lady Grantley came to begin the lengthy restoration of Markenfield Hall in the early 1980s, they were given a pair of Black Swans as a house-warming present by Peter Olney, at the time curator of birds at London Zoo. Since then there have been Black Swans on the moat.

Markenfield Hall is extending its open days for the first time this year, meaning that it will be open from Saturday 4 to Sunday 19 May and again from Saturday 15 to Sunday 30 June inclusive from 2pm to 5pm each day with last entry at 4:30pm.

For further information please contact the administrator on 01765 692303 or by emailing

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