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Monday, 11 March 2013

Farm grows interest for up and close wildlife enthusiasts

Nethergill Farm.
Nethergill Farm in the Langstrothdale fells is teaming up with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to offer workshops so that enthusiasts can get up and close to Dales wildlife.

A series of sessions has been scheduled between April and July at the farm's hi-tech field centre covering secrets of the river bed, wildlife and landscape photography, bog basics including peatland restoration, wildflower identification and the history and management of hay meadows.

The workshops on selected dates are funded by the Yorkshire Dales National Park's sustainable development fund which is being managed by the Clapham-based Yorkshrie Dales Millennium Trust.

Peter Stockton, the national park's head of sustainable development, said: “These workshops will marry two of the very things that the Yorkshire Dales National Park was set up to achieve – enjoyment and understanding of the special wildlife and habitat that this area has to offer.

"On top of that, they are taking place almost in the precise geographic heart of the national park – and a more pleasant and tranquil environment it would be hard to find anywhere else in the Pennines.”

Nethergill is a 388-acre working hill farm at the head of Upper Wharfedale, where Chris and Fiona Clark have a hands-on role rearing Dalesbred ewes, rare breed White Shorthorn cattle and free range chickens.

The couple hope to create the UK’s first ‘farm reserve’ and are working closely with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, the Yorkshire Dales National Park, Wharfedale Naturalist Society, Forestry Commission and the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust to enhance wildlife habitats and set up wildlife viewing hides.

Further information including dates and costs is available at

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