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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Simply tree-mendous to see these new elms at Markenfield Hall

Walkers along the public bridleway from Ripon through the fields at Markenfield will notice some new arrivals — a line of six newly planted trees along the west side of the medieval track.

The twelve feet tall Princeton Elms, from the US, are the only elms known to be resistant to the deadly Dutch Elm Disease which devastated the English countryside 40 years ago.

They are a gift to Markenfield Hall from Sheila Macdonald, one of its volunteer stewards, from Harrogate.

She said: “Markenfield has given me so much and I wanted to give something back.”

A hall spokesperson said that when mature, the elms will closely resemble tall English Elms which no-one under the age of 40 has ever seen, except in the paintings of Turner and Gainsborough. To many they represent the epitome of Englishness.

Members of the public will be able to see the trees when the year’s first Mop-up Monday takes place on Monday 4 (March.) Places are still available on the guided tour, which will begin from the car park at 11am. Booking forms can be downloaded from the Hall’s website or can be obtained from the administrator on 01765 692303.

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