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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Scarborough joins the county's campaign to bury Yorkist king

Richard was the last monarch to enter
Scarborough Castle, residing there in 1484.
Scarborough is adding its voice to a growing campaign calling for the remains of Richard III to be brought “home” to Yorkshire.

City of York Council wants the King’s remains to be returned to the county and reinterred in York Minster. The campaign now has the support of Scarborough Borough Council Leader, councillor Tom Fox, due to the strong ties the last Plantagenet King Richard had with the coastal town.

A skeleton found buried under a Leicester car park was confirmed to be that of the former king on Monday. But the terms of the exhumation licence mean the remains of the last king of the House of York, killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, will be reinterred at Leicester Cathedral unless a legal challenge against it is mounted.

Councillor Fox said: “Scarborough’s history would make very different reading if it wasn’t for the influence of Richard III and there is an argument the Yorkshire connection to Richard is at its strongest in Scarborough which is why we fully support the campaign to bring Richard III ‘home’ – it’s only fitting Yorkshire is his final resting place.

“He was the last monarch to enter Scarborough Castle, residing in the castle in 1484 while assembling a fleet to fight the Tudor forces, and his death the following year was a great blow to Scarborough. The charter he’d previously given to the town in 1485, propelling Scarborough’s status to that of a county ‘in and of itself’, was revoked by Henry VII, ushering in a new era of economic hardship.

“We are fully behind our colleagues at the City of York Council in their bid to bring Richard ‘home’ in accordance with his wishes. To be perfectly blunt, the people of Leicester misplaced him for more than 500 years – would we really wish to entrust his remains to them again? I think not.”

Richard III had been given the castle in Scarborough, the lordship, the Crown rents, the port and the haven in 1473, while still Duke of Gloucester and he made the port his supply base for all his warships.

Scarborough became a launching platform for Edward V’s ships to fight the Scots, with the status of Admiral given to the Scarborough Mayor for work done.

Richard also built a bulwark to secure the harbour and improved the town defences, replacing part of the Newborough moat with a new stone wall, complete with turrets.

His wife gave her name to the Queen’s Lodgings at the castle and Richard was reputed to have stayed at the King Richard III house on Sandside while visiting Scarborough on naval business. Today it is still a cafĂ©-restaurant, popular with locals and visitors.

1 comment:

peter said...

Of course King Richard should be returned to Yorkshire. The people of Leicester should realise that this bag of bones is not 'property' but the remains of a once living breathing human being. His Majesty would certainly have wanted to be buried in Yorkshire and his wishes should be respected.

Next no doubt we will hear of the French trying to claim the body of Princess Diana as thats where she died.

Peter Greetham