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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Abbey has more than one literary habit

Whitby Abbey secures the number one and nine placings in a top ten of properties with literary connections compiled by English Heritage.

The write stuff ... the inspiring ruins of Whitby Abbey.

The list, compiled to celebrate the heritage charity's new literary season, looks at some of the properties that have served as inspiration to authors and poets over the years.

The dramatic abbey ruins top the list having been immortalised by Bram Stoker who used them as the backdrop to Count Dracula's arrival on British shores.

Its other placing comes for being the place inhabited by England's first recorded poet — Caedmon was a monk at the abbey shortly after its foundation in the seventh century. He turned his hand to poetry after being inspired by a dream.

Other literary connections include Tintagel Castle, off the Cornish coast, as the birthplace of the legend of King Arthur and Stonehenge, the spot where Thomas Hardy's tragic heroine Tess of the d'Urbervilles finds sanctuary within the stone circle with true love Angel Clare after stabbing Alec to death.

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