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Friday, 25 January 2013

Whitby firm is the Jet-setter when it comes to ethical jewellery

A jeweller, which has been showing visitors from around the world its hand-crafted Whitby Jet creations during the past two centuries, has won a major ethical award.

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain announced that W Hamond was the most ethical supplier at London's International Jewellery event.

The award was presented for captivating use of one or more gemstones and accurate ethical descriptions. The business was also recognised for its creativity, imagination, and attractiveness of pieces.

W Hamond has been welcoming visitors to its premises since 1860 and is known for its ethical stance.

It sources Whitby jet by natural processes — beach combed from the local shores, by local people, to fashion a collection of both classic and contemporary jewellery designs. A spokesperson said the processes used today are similar to those practised over 150 years ago in Victorian jet jewellery.

Gemmalogical Association chief executive James Riley, the head judge of the award, said: "There were a few tough contenders this year, as always – but once again it had to go to W Hamond. I say once again, as parent company CW Sellors won the award the last two years for the English Derbyshire Blue John.

"It might seem like favouritism, but hunting around the show we found no better example of an ethical product. We know exactly where Whitby Jet comes from and the processes it goes through to become a stunningly beautiful final product.

"Although Jet was originally for Victorian mourning jewellery, W Hamond has opened up a whole new worldwide market for the stone. So not only is it ethically sourced, it’s become a true great British export."