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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Volunteers hedge their bets to spruce up pond area for wildlife

Volunteers have been carrying out the traditional country craft of hedgelaying in Northallerton under the expert eye of one of the county council's countryside rangers.

Thirteen volunteers and residents spent three days laying a hundred metres of hedge at Omega Pond.

The event was the second organised on the site and is part of a project to encourage more wildlife into the green spaces of the town by providing shelter and food for birds, mammals and insects. A volunteer day in October created wildflower areas around the pond.

The site, which is owned by Hambleton, District Council, is open to the public.

Information about the Omega Pond project and future events is available by emailing or calling 0854 872 7374.

1 comment:

Sarah Park said...

This is a good start of taking care of our nature again. Hope more projects like this are coming up.