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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

An inspector's creator calls

Colin Dexter.
Colin Dexter, the author behind Inspector Morse, presents a behind-the-scenes account of working on the TV series and books that made the one-time Classics teacher famous at Harrogate Theatre next week.

When Dexter brought the idea of the gentleman detective into the modern day by pairing him with a younger working-class assistant, a crime fiction hero was born.

Morse, who first made his appearance in 1975 novel Last Bus To Woodstock, and who was  portrayed on the small screen by the late John Thaw, became the star of 13 novels, 33 episodes of a TV serial of the same name and four radio plays.

Since drawing his last TV breath in 2000, Morse has spawned two spin-off series: Lewis, focusing on Morse’s long-suffering sidekick, and Endeavour, a prequel journeying back to his youth.

Morse & Me comes to the theatre on Thursday 31 January.

As a theatre spokesperson said: "It would be criminal to miss him."

Details of tickets and the show can be found at or through the Harrogate box office on 01423 502116.