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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Village has designs on protecting its special characteristics

Views are being sought from local people about a plan to protect and enhance a Ryedale village.

The Settrington Village Design Statement, written by the parish council ten years ago, sets out a brief history of the village and identifies the characteristics and features that are important to its character such as  landscape, roads and verges. It also suggests a range of design considerations to ensure new development and land practices protect and enhance village character.

Parish council chairman John Harrison  said: “The Village Design Statement should be helpful to residents and an important introduction to newcomers.

"Taken as a whole, Settrington is one of the really fine villages in the area which cry out for a policy of protection to retain their beauty, not only for the present inhabitants but also futurity.”

The aim is to get the district council to adopt the statement as a document to determine future planning applications in the village.

Now views are being sought of residents. The statement can be seen at Ryedale House, Malton or at Harrison Hire Offices, Settrington. It can also be viewed online at 

Comments need to be submitted by 4pm on 9 January.

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